Client Testimonials

“his is the best it will get when it comes to bail bonds. I’ve dealt with bailing out a few family members and both times we have gone with escape. Rouben is extremely helpful and always there to answer my calls. I hope I never need bail bonds again, But if I do I know exactly where to go.”
— Randy P.


“I called a few local bail bonds in Santa Clarita, They were very pushy and unprofessional to the point were I just hung up. I called escape and Ruben was was nice and not only got my husband out quickly but gave me a lot of valuable information. Thank you once again Ruben!”
— Vanessa K.


“No parent ever wants to get a phone call from jail, But Escape bail bonds made it a very simple and stress free process.”
— Mark R..


“First off I want to say thank you to Rouben for making a bad situation a lot better, not once but a few times. Unfortunately I made bad decisions but I was very fortunate to have had contacted escape bail. When I got booked late at night around 2am I had no idea where to start. I contacted many bail bond agents/companies and they all declined my call. Finally Rouben answered and reassured me that he would do his best to get me out as soon as possible. About 2 hours later I was out and he was waiting at the Release for me. Like I said, he made a bad situation a lot better for me. I would definitely recommend escape bail to anyone that needs to get bailed out quickly and professionally.”
— Elliott M.


“Unfortunately I had to bail my son out this weekend. I called a few bail companies in the valley, Some wanted %10 and to put up my home and some didn’t even answer my call. I called escape and got the whole process done in a hour. I was in the office, Did paperwork and a few hours later my son was released.”
— Robert K.