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Based in the San Gabriel Valley east of downtown Los Angeles, El Monte is a mixture of family homes, industrial locations and businesses. It’s a working-class community that is known for its motto of “Welcome to Friendly El Monte.” This has been the case in recent years, as major crime has taken a major dip since 2000 as local law enforcement has cracked down on everything from gang activity to petty crimes. This increased police presence means that more people are getting arrested and are in need of El Monte bail bonds.

If a friend or family member contacts you after getting arrested in El Monte, you need to act fast. That’s why contacting Escape Bail Bonds right away is always the right choice. We’re open 24 hours a day, meaning that you can have instant access to a professional bail bondsman. Within a matter of minutes, you can starting working with a bondsman on your case and begin the jail bail bond process to get your loved one released from custody and back home where they belong.

One reason to choose Escape Bail Bonds is because of our local knowledge. Even though El Monte is a relatively small community, it still has its own police force and jail system. To check on the status of someone who has been arrested in El Monte, you need to call (626) 580-2102. Having local experience helps Escape Bail Bonds make the right phone calls and complete all the paperwork needed to get someone released from jail as quickly as possible.

Along with our years of experience in El Monte and the rest of the greater Southern California area, Escape Bail Bonds is the right choice because of our commitment to our customers. We do more than provide bail bonds — we help people in need at a time when they have plenty of questions and need help the most. Find out the difference we can make by contacting us today.