Bail Bonds After a Conviction

You don’t have to report directly to jail just because you’ve been convicted of a crime. Many people don’t realize that it’s possible to work with a bail bond agency to get released from custody while you appeal your conviction. Just as you have a right to appeal the result of your case if you feel the verdict was reached in error, you also have the right to ask for bail while the appeal is going through the court system.

It’s certainly true that getting bail after a conviction is much more difficult than before a trial starts; while the United States Constitution guarantees a person’s right to bail for non-capital offenses, it is up to the discretion of a judge to grant bail after a felony conviction if a person is appealing the decision. In California, bail is granted as a matter of right in misdemeanor cases that are going to appeal.

For felony conviction appeals, the judge can grant bail in a limited set of circumstances. The person has to prove that they are not a danger to the community and do not pose a flight risk. For these two reasons, bail during appeal is rarely given in cases involving violent crimes. In addition, a person has to show that the appeal isn’t merely a tactic used to “stall” and that they have a reasonable expectation that the conviction will be overturned on appeal.

Whether someone you love is facing a lengthy prison stay or need 24 hr bail bonds for a simple misdemeanor, you need to act quickly. One call to Escape Bail Bonds can help you get all the information you need to determine the right next steps.