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Computer Software May Help Reduce Over Crowdedness in LA County Jails  

Los Angeles County Jails are filling up fast and the LA County Sheriff’s Department is feeling the pressure to fix the problem. The overcrowding is a result of the “realignment plan” signed in 2011 in which the responsibility for criminal incarceration had been shifted from the state prisons and parole boards to local county officials and superior courts. The question on hand seems to be how do you decide who goes and who stays?

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the question may be answered with the help of computer software that can go through a matrix of “psychometric” data, which includes a 137- question survey which would help determine who would be least likely to commit another crime. The survey goes in the history of inmates by asking such questions as were your parents divorced or separated?

Before the program can be implemented, the county’s board of supervisors must be convinced that this new way of determining which inmates are low risk, and eligible for early release or house arrest, would cause no new threats to public safety. Sherriff’s officials believe that the software could shift hundreds, possibly even thousands, to different forms of house arrest. This in turn would reduce the jails inmate population of approximately 19,000.

As finding a solution to reduce the amount of inmates continues, the crowded jails remain a big a concern. Many worry about having a loved one sitting in a crowded jail, and want them out as soon as possible. If you or anyone you know is in need of bail bonds in Los Angeles or bail bonds in Van Nuys, feel free to contact us at (818) 609-8888 where a professional bondsman will help guide you through the process.