Four Documents Bail Bondsmen Might Require

are there to help people who have been arrested and need to get out of jail quickly. In order to accomplish this, bondsmen need to get information from the person who has been arrested. Some of this information is vital for the paperwork needed to complete the legal process of securing bail. Other information helps the bond agent learn more about their client and offers them protection if a person attempts to “skip” bail.


When you need help from a provider of 24 hour bail bonds services, you can expect that they will ask for a lot of personal information in order to move forward. Here are a few things that a bondsman might need from you:


Government ID or Driver’s License: A bail bond agent needs to know who they are dealing with and they can’t just take a person’s word on their identity. Because of this, you can expect to provide a photo ID when filling out an application with a bondsman. There’s a good chance that the bond agent will make a copy of your ID (and other documents you provide) to keep in your file in case there is an issue later.


Social Security Card:  Many of the documents that need to be completed during the bond process will require a Social Security number. In order to verify that the number you provide belongs to you, the bondsman may want a copy of your card.


Proof of Residence: Bondsmen need to know where to find people who are out on bail in case they skip a court date or must be reached for other reasons. This can lead them to require written proof of residence before proceeding with an application. Examples include property deeds, rental lease agreements or bills such as electricity, gas, landline phones or cable with the applicant’s name.


Proof of Employment: Knowing where a person works gives a bail bondsman a way to find them if needed. In addition, it also lets them know that a person has responsibilities and will be more likely to stay in the area while on bail. This proof of employment can include a recent paystub or W-2 tax form.


The best way to know which documents you’ll need to bring in order to complete a bail application is to call ahead. You can find out how to reach your local Escape Bail Bonds office by visiting Agents are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.