What Goes Into Setting a Bail Amount

Understanding the Los Angeles bail bonds process can be tricky for people who don’t have an intimate knowledge of the industry. One area that frequently causes the most confusion is understanding how the cost of bail is set for an individual. While the criminal justice system has set a series of guidelines with recommended bail amounts depending on the type of severity of the crime, it’s important to remember that they are just suggestions. A judge has a lot of leeway when it comes to determining the amount of bail in any one specific case.

A good bondsman knows that a judge will use the bail schedule as a starting point for setting a bail amount. The severity of the crime is one factor that will influence a judge’s decision. A simple battery case where the victim received a fat lip will likely be treated differently than an attack that seriously injures another person. The court will also consider if a person is a flight risk and therefore more likely to skip bail than the average defendant.

Several things can make a person a potential flight risk. The most obvious is if they have jumped bail before. People with long track records who might be facing a three-strike ruling and a lengthy prison sentence might also be considered a risk to jump bail. People who have a lot of money and have the means to leave the country to avoid a court case could also be considered flight risks and be subject to higher bail amounts.

On the flip side, there are many factors such as having a family or being a first-time suspect that could lower the bail amount. It can vary from case to case, so it’s a good idea to consult with a provider of 24 hr bail bonds first — they can use their experience to let you know what to expect in terms of a bail amount.