How Do Bail Bonds Work?

The American criminal justice system is based on the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” This extends to how we treat people after they have been arrested. Instead of expecting people to stay in jail for weeks or even months until their trial ends, most defendants have the opportunity to get out of jail and back to their homes. The jail bail bond system is an effective way to ensure that the rights of accused criminals are protected while also making sure that they return for their court date.

So how do bail bonds work? After a person is arrested, they go before a judge to make an initial plea. If they plead not guilty, the judge will set a bail amount depending on the severity of the accused crime, how much of a “flight risk” the defendant is and other factors. The accused person can post the full amount of bail in cash, which he will receive back if he appears at all of his scheduled court dates. But bail amounts can be quite high and, in many cases, more than the average person can afford.

In this case, they can have a friend or family member contact a provider of 24 hr bail bonds to initiate a bail bond. A bail bondsman will agree to cover the entire cost of the bail in exchange for a fee that is a percentage of the total bail and/or collateral such as property. If the defendant skips out on his bail, the bail bond company is responsible for the entire amount of the bail and the person who paid the bail bondsman’s premium will lose whatever they put up as collateral.

It’s easy to panic when you need to arrange for a bail bond for someone you know. Remember that a bail bond agent runs a business. You should do some research before choosing a bail bondsman and look for a company with a reputation for excellent service. Escape Bail Bonds fits this bill – we have years of experience serving as a bail bonds agent in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Orange County and elsewhere throughout Southern California.