Los Angeles County Jail Violence

On September 14, Sheriff Baca spoke on behalf of the LA County Jail regarding the critical report issued by the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence. According to the sheriff, the investigators neglected to cover a few initiatives being taken by jail managers and deputies in their reports. He held a meeting with over 100 inmates to discuss the acts of violence committed against them. “At the meeting, inmates were encouraged to express their concerns about excessive use of force, mistreatment and disrespect, and they were assured there would be no reprisals for their remarks.” –Lee Baca


Sheriff Baca also claims to be implementing new practices that minimize the need, or window in which any type of violence may occur. Practices such as pill call, and escorting declassified mental health inmate to and from holding cells have been modified to reduce violence.


With the rising concern of inmate violence, and the excessive force used against them, Los Angeles County jails have become increasingly unpleasant, and unsafe. There is much concern from the friends and loved ones of inmates regarding the violence, mistreatment, and the overcrowding of jails in Los Angeles.


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