Questions to Ask Your Bail Bondsman

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have to call a bail bond agency to help someone you know get out of jail. It’s likely not something you’ve done before or ever thought that you would need to do. But you shouldn’t let fear or embarrassment keep you from getting all of the answers you need from your bail bondsman before you agree to do business with them. After all, this is a major decision you are making and you deserve to know everything possible ahead of time.

There are a lot of questions that you can ask a bail bondsman before you agree to do business with them, but here are three that you absolutely need to ask first:

Are You Licensed?: In California, bail bondsmen are licensed by the state Department of Insurance. This licensing ensures that they are authorized to negotiate and finalize bail bond terms and are reputable bondsmen. Any trustworthy bail bondsman should be able show you their license and identification before you start a transaction with them.

How Much Do You Charge?: Be wary of bail bond agencies who claim that they can provide services for unbelievably low rates. The rates that they can charge are regulated by the state with little wiggle room. If they are advertising a rate of five percent or lower, chances are that there will be lots of hidden costs after the fact.

What’s Your Local Experience?: It’s important to work with bail bondsmen who have experience working with cases in your local area. Southern California is made up of many different cities, each with their own court and jail systems. The process of getting Santa Monica bail bonds can be much different than if you are dealing with Orange County or Santa Clarita, so finding people with working knowledge of the local area is important.