Release with Conditions

Sometimes getting released from jail is about more than contracting with a provider of bail bond services to pay for your bail amount. In some cases, the violent nature of a crime or the fact that a defendant is considered to be a serious flight risk will compel a judge to allow bail only with a certain restrictions. While more the exception than the rule, release with conditions does happen and it’s something you need to know about if you need North Hollywood bail bonds.

Since a release with conditions is typically reserved for serious felony crimes, it is usually only given after a lengthier bail process than your typical 24 hr bail bonds. When a release with conditions is granted, it usually means that the judge has concerns about the defendant, either as a flight risk or as someone who might commit more crimes while out of jail. It is possible that the conditions can involve letting a person out of jail to continue going to work, school or maintain existing medical treatment.

Some of the most common conditions put on a person upon their release from jail include:

  • Travel restrictions, such as not being able to leave the city or state or only being able to travel for work or school
  • Curfew
  • Frequent drug or alcohol testing
  • Enrollment in a drug treatment or mental health program
  • Having no contact with accusers and potential witnesses
  • Checking in with law enforcement by phone or in person
  • Not carrying guns or other weapons
  • Not being arrested