Three Facts About Bail Costs You Might Not Know

People know that if they ever get arrested, they likely will need to contact a bail bond agency in order to get out of jail. But not as many people know the specifics about the actual costs of getting a bail bond. It’s important to understand the financial ramifications of getting a bail bond and what to expect moneywise before you agree to a bond. Read on to learn more about bail costs and how they might impact you if you are ever arrested.


The fee that a bail bondsman can charge clients is set by law.

In California, bail bond agencies can charge a 10 percent fee for covering the full cost of a bond. This means that if the bail for a client is set at $10,000, the bail bondsman can collect a non-refundable fee of $1,000. You should be skeptical of a local bail bonds agent who claims that they can reduce this fee, or of one who charges additional “taxes” or “service fees” beyond the 10 percent. This is most likely illegal


Bail bondsmen benefit when clients meet their obligations.

Bail bondsmen need to believe that a person is going to meet their legal obligations before they accept them as a customer. Because the bail bondsman is putting up the full amount of the bond, they stand to lose a lot of money if a person goes missing during their court case. This is one reason why you can feel confident that a bail bondsman will get personally involved if a client tries to skip court.


Flexible payment options are available to help lessen the financial burden of a bail bond. As you learn more about bail bonds you realize that professional bail bond agents cannot offer “discounts” on their fees. However, this doesn’t mean that trustworthy bond agencies such as Escape Bail Bonds can’t help you make a bond less financially painful. Escape Bail Bonds has flexible payment options that can ensure that a person can get out of jail even if they cannot come up with the 10 percent service fee.