The Value of Having a Bondsman in Court

When you find a local bail bonds agent to work with, you have a partner to help you through a difficult time. Many people think that the role of a bondsman ends when they secure bail for a client and that person leaves jail. But a bondsman has a vested interest in seeing the case through to completion. Not only do they forge relationships with their clients but they stand to suffer financially if a client decides to blow off court appearances or skip bail entirely.


In fact, you might expect a provider of 24 hour bail bonds services to accompany you to court appearances. If you have a court date to set the bail amount, the bail bondsman can provide assistance to your legal team in an attempt to get the bail amount lowered. Once the trial begins, the bondsman can protect you from potentially being found in contempt of court.


If you are running late for a court appearance, the bondsman will make every effort to track you down and establish your whereabouts. If you are stuck in traffic, have car troubles or are dealing with an unexpected emergency, the bondsman can act as your advocate and let the judge know that you are on the way. This can help keep a judge from ruling that you have missed a court date and issuing a bench warrant.


You might think that judges and lawyers would be experts in matters of bail bond law. This isn’t always the case, and in fact sometimes a provider of bail bond services has expert knowledge about the finer points of bail bond law. This can be an asset to a defendant as they progress through the court system. A bondsman who understands the law and knows how to address a judge while providing useful information can stop errors in the bail process from happening before a ruling is made. This can save a defendant major headaches down the road.


Not every bail bondsman will do this for their clients, and not all cases require a bondsman to be in court. However, it’s something that you should discuss with a bond agent to determine if it’s right for you and something that they feel comfortable providing.