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Meet Rouben!

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With nearly three decades of experience, our lead bondsman understands the challenges you may be facing. We treat everyone like family, offering patience and urgency in times of need. We offer swift and simple solutions to your biggest challenge when you or a loved one is in jail – quick and reliable release. We have reunited thousands of families and helped them get their lives back into their own hands.

Bonds you can trust

At Escape Bail, we offer quick and reliable release when you need it. We are a trusted name in the legal and pre-trial release industry with a “no run-around” reputation. For almost 30 years we have helped people get their lives back into their own hands and reunited them with their loved ones with dignity.

We are one of the best bail bond surety companies in Los Angeles, dedicated to providing top-notch services. Our experienced team understands the stress and urgency of legal challenges and is here to help you secure quick freedom through our streamlined bail process. Unlike traditional methods with lengthy delays, we prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience.

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Get honest advice anytime from anywhere.

Streamlined Bail Process

Everything you need in one call without visiting an office.

Financial Flexibility

Alleviate the financial strain with customizable payment plans without burden.

Escape Bail Bonds is a leading bail bond company in Los Angeles, specializing in providing surety bonds for clients in need throughout the Los Angeles, CA area. With a commitment to fast, reliable, and discreet service, Escape Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping individuals secure bail and navigate the complexities of the legal system with ease.

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Call us when you need help.

Our experts give you honest advice and guide you through your options.

We take care of the rest.

You don’t even have to come into an office to sign papers.

Get your freedom back.

Bail is posted by our team and you are reunited with your loved ones.

People we've helped in the past...

  • My son was arrested for having illegal substances in his car. It was actually his post surgery medications, but since he didn’t have any proof at the time he was arrested. Rouben and his agent helped me at one of the most stressful times of my life.
  • He is the best it will get when it comes to bail bonds. I’ve dealt with bailing out a few family members and both times we have gone with Escape. Rouben is extremely helpful and always there to answer my calls. I hope I never need bail bonds again, But if I do I know exactly where to go.
  • Thank you Rouben for helping out our family at a very hard time. Jack is doing much better now and has been clean for three months now. It’s Christmas time I’m happy to have him home while we work out his rehab and legal matters.
  • No parent ever wants to get a phone call from jail, But Escape bail bonds made it a very simple and stress free process.
  • I called a few local bail bonds in Santa Clarita, They were very pushy and unprofessional to the point were I just hung up. I called escape and Ruben was was nice and not only got my husband out quickly but gave me a lot of valuable information. Thank you once again Rouben!
  • Unfortunately I had to bail my son out this weekend. I called a few bail companies in the valley, Some wanted %10 and to put up my home and some didn’t even answer my call. I called escape and got the whole process done in a hour. I was in the office, Did paperwork and a few hours later my son was released.


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