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As election day approaches, Los Angeles county’s Defense Attorney  candidates battle head to head during debates regarding topics such as funding, realignment, overcrowding of Los Angeles jails, the death penalty, and tax increases. The two finalists, Alan Jackson and Jackie Lacey, have been at each other’s heels since the post-primary debate in August.


The two questions that generally define and help decide the most qualified candidate are: Who is toughest? And who is most experienced? Because those two questions indirectly ask the question that every voter and every civilian wants answered. Will my D.A. be able to keep me safe?


With the crime rate in Los Angeles at a historic low, the focus of most district attorneys has shifted to other issues such as the costs of over-sentencing, rehabilitation, realignment, overcrowding in Los Angeles county jails, and the excessive use of force by deputies against inmates.


One of Lacey’s main arguments is that Jackson isn’t strongly opinioned about the death penalty. Both candidates oppose Prop 34, which will prospectively end the death penalty if passed. But according to Lacey, Jackson’s opposition is empty and will not follow through once he takes position. Jackson’s argument is that Lacey does not have enough experience as a prosecutor, even though she’s been one of the top three people running the office for years now.


Hopefully, both candidates will start looking for solutions rather than pointing out one another’s flaws. As Election Day in November approaches, voters will take this into consideration when they cast their votes.

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