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A man accused of killing his neighbor after engaging in a seven-year feud was found guilty of first-degree murder.

Lennie Paul Tracey was found guilty in the shotgun shooting death of Anthony Davis.

The court clerk said the jury retuned to the San Fernando Superior Court with the verdict at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The verdict was latest episode of a long-lasting feud- marked by name-calling, rock throwing, water-spraying, sign-posting and turning each other in for trash can and outdoor lighting violations.

Jurors found Tracey guilty and believed he used a firearm causing great bodily harm.

Tracey fired a pump-action shotgun at Davis from about two feet away; the shot hit Davis in the chest. Tracey took out the used cartridge and shot Davis once more, this time in the back, from a distance of approximately six feet.

The jurors found Tracey guilty of assault, causing bodily harm in a confrontation with the victim’s wife, Cindy Davis, on the night her husband was killed.

Throughout the two-week trial, jurors were provided with two scenarios of what happened that night. In one scenario, Deputy District Attorney Richard Gallegly told the jurors: “This case is about a man who lost control, about a man who took the law into his own hands, about a man who acted as judge, jury and executioner in the death of his neighbor.” The defense painted a different picture. Defense Loren Mandel told jurors: “This is not a case of a neighbor dispute that ended in a killing; it is the killing of an intruder on a person’s property at three o’clock in the morning.”

In the end, the jurors determined the Tracey deliberately intended to kill Davis.

Both the wives of the killer and victim were questioned by both lawyers for more than a full day on the stand.

Jurors watched snippets of the actual shooting that had been caught on surveillance cameras set up around both homes.

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