Situated at the west end of the San Gabriel Valley between Los Angeles and Pasadena, Glendale is the third-largest city in Los Angeles County. It’s an ethnically diverse community, with one of the largest Armenian populations in the United States along with large numbers of residents of Hispanic and Asian descent. Despite the size and diversity of the community, it’s also one of the safest in the area. But that doesn’t mean people don’t get in trouble. If you or someone you know is arrested and needs Glendale bail bonds, you can count on Escape Bail Bonds.

Despite being a large city, Glendale is one of the safer parts of Los Angeles. In fact, the FBI Uniformed Crime Report in 2012 ranked Glendale as No. 5 on the list of Safest Cities in California. This has happened despite budget cuts reducing the amount of officers on duty in recent years. One reason for the overall drop in crime is the implementation of an “Area Command” model of enforcement that relied on community policing and working within neighborhoods to report crime. With the residents of Glendale working with police, it’s little wonder that people who commit crimes might find themselves under arrest and in need of a bondsman.

Glendale’s city jail is one of the newest and largest in Los Angeles County and is located at 131 North Isabel Street. There are several numbers to reach someone at the jail; however, your best bet to get information about someone who has been arrested is to call the Custody Bureau at (818) 548-3124. Or instead of jumping through hoops yourself, you can turn to the experts at Escape Bail Bonds. Our bail bond agency has intimate knowledge of the Glendale court system and can help you acquire a bail bond quickly.

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