Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an internationally recognized center of glitz and glamour. Anyone who watches TV or reads a magazine has seen shots of celebrities attending Hollywood premieres, going out to trendy nightclubs…and sometimes getting arrested. But it’s not just actors and musicians who sometimes need Los Angeles bail bonds. Anyone can get in trouble with the law and need help getting out of jail. If you or someone you know is in this situation, they need bail bond services that will help them negotiate the often-complex Los Angeles jail and legal system.

The professionals at Escape Bail Bonds are the perfect choice if you need 24-hour bail bonds. The company has offices in several locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area and also has bail bondsmen available over the phone or by email any time day or night. Most importantly, they have years of experience helping people who have been arrested in Los Angeles get out of jail quickly and back home to their loved ones.

Los Angeles jails operate 24 hours a day, meaning that the sooner you contact Escape Bail Bonds, the sooner we can start working on your case. Before you start the process, you’ll want to get more specifics about the arrest and one of the big questions you’ll need to answer is which Los Angeles jail they are being held in currently. There are 10 different city jails in areas ranging from the north Valley to downtown. You’ll want to call 213-473-6100 to get more information before calling us. From there, we can start the process and get the person you care about out of jail.

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At Escape Bail, we offer quick and reliable release when you need it. We are a trusted name in the legal and pre-trial release industry with a “no run-around” reputation. For almost 30 years we have helped people get their lives back into their own hands and reunited them with their loved ones with dignity.

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