Van Nuys

Van Nuys exemplifies the “melting pot” that people associate with Los Angeles. This San Fernando Valley suburb has more than 100,000 residents and many of these people were born somewhere outside of the United States. It’s a blue-collar neighborhood that also has plenty of fine dining and entertainment hotspots for younger residents to enjoy. And while violent crimes are down in Van Nuys recently, there are still plenty of arrests. If someone you love gets arrested and needs Van Nuys bail bonds, it makes sense to work with the local experts at Escape Bail Bonds.

Why Escape Bail Bonds? We’ve been in the area for more than 13 years and have a deep knowledge of the local criminal court structure. For example, many people think that Van Nuys is its own city, but it’s actually part of Los Angeles. If someone you know has been arrested in Van Nuys and needs a jail bail bond, you need to call the Van Nuys Community Police Station at 818-374-9500 to get more information.

Our extensive experience in Van Nuys means that we can quickly start the bail bonds process. This means the person who is counting on you can get out of jail and back home quicker. We treat all of our customers with respect, no matter what the circumstances. Find out the difference by contacting us today to speak to a bail bond agent.

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