The Consequences of Skipping Bail

If someone you love has helped you out of a tough situation by bailing you out of jail, you owe it to them to go through with your responsibilities to the court system. This includes showing up to every court appearance on time and ready to conduct your business before the judge. Failing to do so will not just have negative consequences for yourself — it can also be harmful for your friend or family member who helped you out with bail bond services.

In most cases, the person who arranged for the bail bond entered into an agreement with their local bail bonds agency. Under this arrangement, the bail bondsman agrees to cover the full cost of the bond, with the client only paying a set amount (usually 10 percent of the total bond) upfront. As long as the person who was arrested makes all of their court dates and fulfills their obligations to the court, the bail bond client only has to pay the 10 percent fee.

However, if a person skips out on bail and doesn’t go to their court appearances, they are putting their loved one at risk. Although the bail bondsman promised to pay the full amount of the bond if a person skipped bail, their agreement with their client actually makes the client responsible for the bond’s cost. So when a person skips out on bail, it is a decision that can severely impact the financial health and well-being of their friends and family members. In addition, it can also leave the person who skips out on bail open to additional charges and in even more legal trouble.

This is one of the reasons that it’s important for people to think long and hard about the person they are bailing out before reaching out to a provider of 24 hr bail bonds such as Escape Bail. You should only agree to help someone get out of jail if it’s someone who you trust to make all of their court appearances. If you think they are unreliable or don’t know them very well, you’ll want to consider avoiding being the person who bails them out of jail.